Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions:  Merry Meet 2014!

Keynote Talk: Liberating Magic
with Sean Donahue
How do we wield magic to liberate ourselves and our communities? How do we liberate our magic from the ideology of the society we seek to transform or replace? What interest do our gods, our ancestors, and the wild beings around us have in our liberation and can we look to them as allies in our struggles? These questions form the basis for a flowing, spiraling exploration of the role of the witch in shaping new worlds (and bringing back lost ones!)

Plants as Magical Allies
with Sean Donahue
People and plants have been weaving magic together since the Paleolithic. And the plants remain ready to work with us to transform our lives and our world if we approach them with an open heart and clear intention. This workshop will introduce an approach to magical herbalism rooted not in memorized tables of correspondences, but rather in engaging plants as active and conscious partners in “creating change in conformity with Will.”

Releasing and Clearing with the Elements
with Colette Gardiner

Join me for this participatory lecture and trance. We’ll work with each element to release what we no longer need, notice how we learn from them and offer gratitude for their support in the physical and magical world.

Let’s visit a past life
with Pomegranate Doyle

Let’s visit a past life. You will leave the story of this life and see who you were and what you did in a past life. Often the past life can stay with us in small and sometime difficult ways. The lessons from that life are helpful if they can be brought into awareness in this life. You will need a journal and pen, water and the ability to follow a short visualization.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Moon
with Rhea Wolf
Learn practical tools for accessing lunar magic using the phases and signs of the Moon. We’ll discuss ways to honor the Full and New Moons, find out why eclipses are so powerful, and craft simple intentions and rituals to make the most of every lunar cycle. This workshop will happen only days before a New Moon/Solar Eclipse a powerful time to create change in our lives. You’ll leave with knowledge on what this eclipse season means to you. (Optional: Bring a copy of your natal chart to dig even deeper into the wisdom the Moon has to offer you.) Also, please bring a notebook or journal. 

Stretch and Strengthen your Magical Body
with Lindsay Buchannan
In Stretch and Strengthen your Magical Body we step further into trusting the intuitive power to gain and use (stretch and strengthen) our innate skills at channeling useful magical information.

In this class we will cover:

how to augment your information-channeling skills
how and when to trust the information we receive
how to implement the information in a balanced, practical and healthy way
how to integrate this practice into your witchy life

There will be a short lecture on accessing external information with a few practical exercises. Together we will practice discernment; we will sort out what magical information we can discard, and what magical information is important to retain. We will then plow the useful information nuggets into our lives.

How to Rock Your Own Power
with Alexa Weinstein
In this workshop, we will focus our energy and attention on the subject of power. How does power operate, and where does it come from? How do empowerment and disempowerment behave, in the body and in the world? What are some helpful models and tools for stepping more fully into your own power? How does a history of abuse or other trauma play out in the realm of power? What is the role of ego, and of Spirit, in empowerment?

As we move through different ways of looking at these subjects, you will have multiple opportunities to sink into a deeper place and look magically at your current relationship to your own power. You will be invited to work with some of the energies depicted in the Waite-Smith Tarot deck who can teach you about your own power directly, and to establish direct communication with personal allies who would like to assist you in your empowerment.

Connecting with the Magic of Faery
with Pomegranate Doyle
If your travel slightly to the left and down the shady glen, go under the fern, and make the circuit at the crossroads, you might just enter into the world of Faery. But what to do once you get there, and how to get back? Bring a biodegradable offering like tea or honey or flowers, and we just might find out. This class has very limited space and will fill quickly, so you must pre-register.  Please contact Nicole at to save your spot!  Class is FULL. 

Connections to Ancestors and Spirits through Food
with Pedro Ferbel-Azcarate and Adriana Azcarate-Ferbel
Adriana and Pedro will share ancestor and spirit connections involved in the preparation and eating of food. Participants will discuss their food connections to ancestors and spirit and a ritual will be called to heighten personal awareness to the magical circle of life and death, food and nourishment, spirit and vitality.

Our Love Affair with Cedars
with Larry Savides
People the world over are in love with their trees; the trees that shelter their homes, the trees that they or their ancestors planted for fruit, and the trees that clothe and define the landscape. When we look towards the energetic and subtle it becomes obvious that trees are both friends and Allies.

Some trees capture hearts and imaginations across generations, and one of these is the cedar tree. So much so that it became a name used all over the world for conifer trees with fragrant wood treasured for carpentry and carving, from the Cedar of Lebanon, to the arborvitae (white cedar) and pencil cedar of Eastern North America, and the red and incense cedars of our Pacific Northwest.

Together we will explore some of the myths, histories, medicinal uses and magical connections of these living avatars of the Tree of Life.

Divining the Urban Landscape
with Alley Valkyrie
Common divination methods such as tarot or runes aren’t always easy or practical to utilize during the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. The world around us, however, is constantly relaying messages and signs if we learn to look and listen for them. In this workshop, we will discuss different techniques and theories of divining and interpreting what lies before us within an urban or suburban setting. We will cover many different methods of on-the-spot divination, drawing from nature-based as well as technological sources, as well as discuss the ways that familiarity, anthropocentrism, intention, and surroundings can affect our results. Tips, tricks, warnings, possible pitfalls, and wisdom gained from personal experience will all be shared.

Medicine, Healing and the Physiology of Gaia
with Mitchell Bebel Stargrove, ND, LAc and Lori Beth Stargrove, ND
We will look at history and principles of health and medicine, with an emphasis on universals and the particulars of the Western classical traditions. Focusing on health, we examine ancient and modern concepts of organisms as living systems with self-organizing properties and self-healing processes at three levels of identity: individual bodymind, communities of relationships, and planetary being. The tree of life and systems biology demonstrate the torus phenomenon of life flow manifesting through the three worlds of heaven, human and earth. Individual activation and embodiment are expressions of collective evolution through the dance reuniting heaven and earth. Cultivating health and respectful relationships as expressions of the aeon of the daughter, the redemption of Matter, return of the Goddess. We will culminate with examples and activities revealing the healing intelligence of life and applying these principles in self-cultivation and creating new culture.

Crafting and Nourishing Connections with Our Cultural Ancestors
with Cayenne Garofalo

Beyond our blood and familial lines there are still more ancestors ready to stand by us with guidance and support in our endeavors. Your Cultural Ancestors are the ones who had similar paths to yours in their lives. Today we will experience who they are and what it means to procure and nourish relationships with these important Ones who came before. Be prepared for a lecture, light trance and discussion. Bring Water, a Journal and an Energetic Offering.

Druidry 101
with Raevyn Carney
Come learn a brief history of Druidry and learn about Druidry today. We’ll cover the main differences and similarities between Druidry and Wicca, an overview of the basic tenets of Druidry, ritual elements, and the main Druid organizations active today, as well as what local groups are available. If you’ve ever been curious about Druidry, this is a great place to start!




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