Class Descriptions

Introduction to the Iron Pentacle
with Sage Goode

The Iron Pentacle is a foundational teaching tool in many branches of Witch Craft. In this class we explore how the Pentacle moves in our bodies and how each of the points of the Iron Pentacle: Sex, Pride, Self, Power, Passion; offer teachings and opportunities for healing.

The class includes instruction, experiential activities and a short trance journey.  This class is Intermediate (best if folks have a little exposure to ritual and magic, but not absolutely essential)

Ana, Mari, Nimue: Meeting the Faery Goddesses
with Sage Goode

A trance journey into the world of the Faery Goddesses. Ana – the ancient One who spins the worlds into being; Mari – She who is the wild, She who rides the wild energies, and Nimue – shape-shifter and mist walker.

This class is Intermediate (please have some experience with trance journeying and magic, not a lot of explanation, mostly it’s “dive right in” to the trance journey experience).

Tarot Readings as Energy Medicine
with Theresa Pridemore 

We know that Tarot can serve as a teacher and oracle, but it can also be used as a tool for healing.  In Tarot, querent and reader create a sacred space where a life can be witnessed as an unfolding story; this observational distance allows for powerful energy shifts and the emergence of new realities. In this class we will go beyond simply understanding Tarot as a tool for healing our psychology and study the role of Tarot as a tool for energy work. We will also how Tarot is unique as a tool of energy medicine in it’s ability to protect a reader/healer and techniques for keeping the reading space as safe as possible for both reader and recipient when working on an energetic level.

Defense against  the Shadow Arts 
with Pomegranate Doyle

One of the greatest powers of magic is to deal with the shadow side of energy. Energy that is generated from mindlessness, bigotry, greed and a need to dominate. We will discuss how to become empowered in the face of this difficult shadow side of magic. A good way to prepare for this class is to take the psychic self-defense class  available at this conference. This class is advanced, please have previous magic experience, if you are unsure, just ask.  Space is  LIMITED, you must pre-register for this class, please email Nicole at to save your spot, thanks!

The Power of the Faery King 
with Pomegranate Doyle

If nature has a soul then the Faery King is the jewel in the crown, (The Faerie Queene is the crown). Journey with me as we meet and experience the power of this jewel. He who is the challenger, the spark of passion, the shiver in your spine, He who is the chivalrous God of the wild. Please have some experience following trance for this class.

Honing your Clairvoyant Skills 
with Pomegranate Doyle 

Are you seeing things out of the corner of your eye, hearing voices in your head, or smelling the smells no one else can smell? It might be that your third eye is becoming active. This class will teach you the power of the third eye, how to use it, how to discern the information you are receiving, how to keep your psychic awareness clear and  how to ignore information that is not useful. Even if you think you are not clairvoyant, this class will help!  Open to all levels.

The Queer Pentacle 
with Larry Savides

Description coming soon.

Shamanic Journeying
with Larry Savides

Description coming soon.

The Star Goddess 
with Colette Gardiner 

Description coming soon.

Beginning Elements of Magic:  Using the Power of the Elements as Tools in our Lives
with Andrea Galluzzo and Iris Mae Misciagna

Description coming soon.

To see examples of classes from year’s past, visit the archives page.


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