Magic Marketplace

An updated list of magic makers for 2015 will be listed soon!

The Magic Marketplace at the will feature many local artists, tarot readers, psychics, herbalists and more!

Vendors from 2014.

Bekris Runes,
Blue Medicinals,
Colette Gardiner: tarot readings
Pomegranate Doyle:  tarot readings,
Andrea Galluzzo, Art Exhibit,
Green Witch Apothecary,
Hermit Moon: Creation and Divination,
Sister Spirit:
Mari Saint-Pierre- astrology readings,
Mitch and Lori Stargrove,
Corina Dross Artwork:
Tarot Art and Readings by Daniel Nighting
Rosarium Blends,
Canopy, Happy Hour Healing: healing sessions, 
Magic Hour:  ritual candles and magical wares,
Serpent Staff Botanicals
Among thee Reedz Herbal Alchemy,
Handwriting Analysis by Carly,
Cascadia Folk Medicine,
Little Gold Fox Designs, prints, bookmarks, cards and t-shirts

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